Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Phrase of the day: viejo verde

Literal translation: green old person
Colloquial translation: dirty old man

"Odio que las calles de Madrid sean llenas de viejos verdes que me echan muchos piropos."

"I hate that the streets of Madrid are filled with dirty old men who always catcall me."
 In Spanish, green is the color related to sex (a revista verde is a dirty magazine, and a chiste verde is a dirty joke), so a pervy old dude is a viejo verde. And they are EVERYWHERE. I can't go a day without some disgusting pig old enough to be my grandfather sneering and calling me things like guapa (beautiful) or rubia (blondie...yeah, I don't get that one either).

I think I'm going to translate this pamphlet into Spanish and start shoving it in their faces:

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