Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have passport, will travel.

[In Denver International Airport]
"What is that feeling when you're driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing?--it's the too-huge world vaulting us, and it's good-by. But we can lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies." --Jack Kerouac
I read On The Road at the beginning of the summer, and that quote has stuck with me ever since. Kerouac perfectly sums up exactly how I feel every time I travel, and especially how I feel when I watch Justin's car drive away from my house or the airport. Travel days are always half tears and half butterflies, and today is no exception.
I have a crazy-long journey ahead of me (though I guess by Kerouac's hitch-hiking-cross-country standards, it's really not that dreadful):
  • 3:45 pm PST: leave house
  • 5:30 pm PST: take off from Santa Barbara Airport
  • 8:30 pm MT: land in Denver International Airport
  • 11:55 pm MT: take off from Denver
  • 5:00 am EST: land in Dulles (Washington DC)
  • 8:30 am EST: take off from Dulles
  • 8:30 am PST: land in JFK (New York City)
  • 6:00 pm PST: take off from JFK
  • 7:00 am CET: land in Madrid Barajas Airport
  • 1:30 pm CET: take off from Barajas
  • 2:45 pm CET: land in Santiago de Compostela
So I'll be traveling from 3:45 pm PST on Wednesday til 2:45 pm CET on Friday...I'm going to need un café negro...or tres.

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